How to Make a Meaningful Logo

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Good logos have meaning. Great logos are meaningful!

Okay, so no one famous (that I know of) said that.

The graphic representation of a company must evoke a reaction in the viewer immediately. Otherwise the eye and mind quickly move on, seeking more exciting input and you have lost that chance to sear your brand image into their minds.
For me, one such logo is Oil of Olay. I have an immediate sensation seeing it, women in my family used those products for as long as I can remember. I have a sense of long-standing trust and loyalty. Even though the Tide logo is immediately recognizable, it doesn’t evoke the same feelings in me. There it is, laundry soap! Nope, nothing.

The Geek Goddess graphic has an effect on me in a way that makes me happy to open my browser for another day! Perhaps you see a drawing of a woman’s face. Of course I see that, too. I also see the mannequin from a business I launched in 2005. Ten years ago! I’m transported back in time. The people I knew then, the age of my children at the time, the possibilities limitless.

Logo in Colour for Twitter

I feel creative, resourceful and outgoing when I see the Geek Goddess logo.

Of course, the way the universe works, I opened my email today to find this art experiment with famous brand logos, in an attempt to “humanize” the brands, the artist recreated the logos in a hand drawn style. Very interesting to see the different feelings evoked by the different presentation. Brands Redesigned By Hand Check it out.

Testing a new approach in marketing

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You can’t change your results if you don’t change your approach.
 Well, let’s see!
 This week I’m testing a new approach to interacting with my current clients. Having worked with my clients almost 100% at a distance, the need for time management and workflow software quickly became a priority. I’ve tested some good and many more not-so-good softwares that attempt to do this.
 I’ll be back at the end of the week to let you know how the trial of Asana went. Have you worked with it? Have an opinion or suggestion? I’d love to hear it.

Thrill me with BlogPress

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A while back I switched from using BlogPress to using the WordPress app on my iPhone. I hardly wrote. The experience started with me posting to a blog that I’m guessing was automatically set up for me. That was the beginning. The experience reminds me that just because it’s free doesn’t mean it’s better. Maybe it was just me. But I stopped writing from my phone as much.
Recently I was asked to recommend an app for exactly this purpose so I revisited the ones I’ve used before. I had forgotten all about Blogpress and as soon as I reinstalled it, I remembered what made it so easy to blog from my phone in the first place.

Here’s a picture of me using it! See how at ease and happy I look?

If you’re asked for a good blogging app, it’s not expensive ($2.99) and it does what you tell it to without a lot of stuff to wade through.

No affiliation, sponsorship or kickback, I just like the app and I’m glad I bought it.

Progress, is it always good?

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Hindsight is 20/20. There are moments in history we can look back and say “ah ha, that was the fork in the road, the choice that changed the course of history”.

Take this article for instance:

How To Avoid Being Tracked By The Hidden Devices in NYC’s Phone Booths

Essentially, if you have a smart phone and Bluetooth activated, you too can receive tailored ads everywhere you go! While it`s said this data is not used to track you, I ask you this – how can it NOT be used to track you? Are you willing to give away your PII in return for advertising aimed at you specifically? I often ask my kids to think of the consequences in 5 minutes, 5 hours, 5 days of any action. Laws change. Social norms change. Change is inevitable. Information about you that is stored now could potentially be used against you in a future of change.



Here is why I always say “back it up”

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Still here, struggling with the reinstallation of

And I hear so many clients say “why oh why didn’t I back the database up separately?”

Now I’m off to rescue a backup of the entire server to access my old posts. I’d much rather be writing about the new iPhone6 or iOS8 which came out today!

I really love WordPress BUT…

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Have you ever had a problem with a WordPress installation? Somehow everything looked right from the front end but the backend functionality was useless. Thank goodness it’s my own site and I’m not relying on it – but what if it were a client’s site? I’ve limped this install along without implementing changes but suddenly I was allowed to upgrade to 4.0! Woohoo!
And then nothing.

No front end, no back end. Nothing looked wrong over the ftp.

So I’m testing how long it takes me to recover the site (the backup I downloaded was corrupted.)

Here we go!